HOHHCC was born from a desire to provide affordable quality care for uninsured and insured populations of low income status in Mobile, Alabama and surrounding areas. We provide care to individuals across the lifespan from infancy to older adults. We plan to increase access to quality healthcare services to promote health and decrease the impact of illnesses leading to early disability and death
We consider ourselves servants of God. Our knowledge and skills are gifts from God, and will be shared with patients as we provide healthcare services. We are humbled to be laborers in his vineyard.
Adherence to ethics, morals and honesty is very important in modeling positive behavior and working relationships. This entails valuing the right choice when faced between right or wrong. It is important to demonstrate honesty and integrity in all situations.
Cultural sensitivity is very important for everyone in the workplace. It is the ability to be aware of attitudes, feelings, and circumstances of others, and to respond appropriately to individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. We at HOHHCC are respectful of values and norms of individuals from all cultures.
People have a need for connection with God. We at HOHHCC strive to provide that connection. The facility portrays a Christian atmosphere, not only in the surroundings, but also in our attitudes as witnesses to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Godly compassion means seeing the needs of people before seeing the differences in people. We at HOHHCC demonstrate compassion in our daily behavior.